Allergy Caddy App – Coming Soon!

Coming Soon to IOS devices – Allergy Caddy – HTML and Javascript Based Application Ported to IOS using PhoneGap. This application lets you select any of 10 allergens that you are allergic to then browse the menus of over 25 restaurants with them customized to your specific needs. Future versions will be available on the Android App Marketplace.

Just doing the finishing touches on this app and setting everything with Apple. Hopefully it will be available in the App Store by the end of February. Those that want to review it when it comes out please email me or use the contact form and I should be able to send you a promo code


  • 10 most common Allergens
  • Over 25 Restaurants of Allergen Data
  • Error Reporting Interface
  • Routine Updates
  • Planned to be $1.99 on the App Store

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